Friday, February 4, 2011

Racist Blacks and the Perversion of Justice - Curtis Vance rape case

The ideal of an integrated society is dying, and racist blacks are the ones pounding nails into its coffin. What is the point in having jury trials when racist blacks refuse to convict? It makes a mockery of justice, and is leading to a logical and justified backlash against the inclusion of common blacks in the justice system.

Curtis Vance stands as a poster boy for all that is sick and wrong with black society today. Vance is famous for the brutal and sadistic murder of beautiful blonde TV anchor woman Anne Pressly. Pressly died hours after being raped and beaten. The official cause of death was that her jawbone was fully dislocated and crushed back against her jugular, which constricted blood flow to her brain. Her entire face and head was smashed to mush in the attack.

Curtis was living with his girlfriend and three kids at the time. The girlfriend's mother said, "he has a real nice personality. He didn't give me no kind of hint or nothing. It shocked me, I don't want to believe he did something like that." ( Raping women in the early morning was apparently just his hobby. He wandered through target neighborhoods ahead of time, pretending to look for work, casing the houses for victims (

Kristin Edwards was raped by Vance a few months before his attack on Pressly. Her saving grace appears to have been her passivity. Edwards did not attempt to fight, which apparently kept her alive, as Vance did indeed threaten to kill her. Ironically, it was his rape of Edwards that led to his identification as Pressly's attacker. After finding the DNA match to the unsolved Edwards rape, police in Little Rock got a tip to investigate Vance from the detective in the small town (Marianna) where Edwards lived at the time of the rape.

Rape Mistrial and Black Racism

Vance was convicted of the murder of Pressly, and the DNA match pinned him as the rapist of Edwards, so he went on trial on the rape charge this week. Vance was identified as Edward's attacker by DNA match, the victim's direct testimony, and the accused's own confession. Yet...

After merely THREE HOURS of deliberation, the judge agreed to a mistrial, as 7 of the jurors refused to convict. Neither the prosecuting attorney nor the judge had any hope that the jury would agree on basic facts, or could be persuaded by reason. After a mere three hours, they just agreed to drop the trial.

The reason: the racist blacks on the jury. It has been confirmed that the composition of the jury was 7 blacks and 5 whites (

The irrational anti-white hatred of black jurors is not even a secret any more, and is acknowledged as widespread. Prosecuting attorneys know it, and openly counsel their clients to expect it. Edwards said mistrial was exactly what she had expected to happened, because she was forewarned by her attorney that her race, the race of the attacker, and the race of the jury would lead to the jury refusing to convict. See Edwards' detailed interview here:

They are actually dismissing the case, not bothering to take it to another trial. Edwards says she does not want to go through the whole process again, when she would most likely face the same verdict, i.e., facing a jury of racist blacks who refuse to convict. When you are a white victim, why bother?

I find it quite indicative that national news reports are not mentioning the race angle, such as here As usual, the national media views it as their job to misinform, to make sure their audience is NOT getting the full story. Only when you dig down into the story on the local reporting do we see the issue of race being discussed.

Larger Social Implications

The refusal of blacks to convict other blacks, even heinous inhuman murderers like Vance, even in the face of overwhelming physical and eyewitness testimony, even combined with a previous confession, calls into question the ability of blacks to serve on juries.

Black street criminals are fully aware of their immunity to jury conviction. If blacks know that crimes against whites will be ignored by juries, even with full proof, it doesn't take a genius to see how this would affect an increase in their criminal behavior.

When justice is not to be found in the legal system, where exactly are whites expected to turn? Whites cannot be expected to tolerate this type of situation long.


Anonymous said...

When justice is a perversion, then the answer is 13 knots of conclusion

Robert said...

Dear Justin,
You might like to link to the

Goodle has erased him from searches.

hailtoyou said...

It should be pointed out:

Curtis Vance, who has already been convicted of murder, stood trial on rape charges in Lee County, where a jury deadlocked on a decision Wednesday.

This black serial-rapist-murderer is not a free man, and will presumably die in prison after years of free meals and a warm bed provided by Arkansas taxpayers. The extra time from a rape conviction would have been superfluous.

hailtoyou said...

One more thing: Interracial rape statistics [from Lawrence Auster].

-- 3,122: Number of white women raped by blacks per month, 2005
-- Fewer than 1: Number of black woman raped by a white man per month, 2005

Comment: If you get your reality from Hollywood, you'd think...otherwise, wouldn't you.

Anonymous said...

Cyurtis Vance sounds just like Rudy Guede the creep who killed Meredith Kercher but two innocent white people,Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have been wrongly convicted of her murder.

Robert said...

Amanda and Raffaele, innocent! You make me laugh.

hailtoyou said...

Show us evidence that suggests a "Rudy Guede" committed the murder.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna take a whole shitload of outrages such as this before whites get to the point where they say "Enough". White guilt runs too deep yet.


Justin said...

emarel, I think the issue is more a matter of who is in control. The average American, certainly the average Southerner, is not that into white guilt. But the federal authorities and bureaucracy mandate certain policies. I doubt they are supported at the popular level.

Anonymous said...

Africans belong in Africa, not here and certainly not on juries.

Anonymous said...

I think this POS need to swing from a tree along with the nigger jurors.

John tyler said...

This racist jury problem is also happening in Hawaii where "Locals," any variety on non whites, are found innocent in cases where the crimes are against "Haole's" meaning whites.
Here is an example where a Local male was found innocent of kidnapping and murder for beating his pregnant estranged girlfriend to death.

Anonymous said...

Most blacks have a complete hatred for whites. Only a subhuman could justify not convicting Vance, who is a subhuman predator. Most blacks are subhuman predators, so they side with Vance. The average white taxpayer works 2 full months a year to pay for the care, feeding, education, health care, court costs, extra police, and prisons, for blacks. 1 million whited are violently assaulted each year by blacks. Whites would be much better of if every black in the US was deported or shot.

Anonymous said...

The thing to do with slime like Curtis Vance is to execute them in such a way they die horribly. Beheading by a sword stroke, impalement up the rectum on a greased and sharpened stake the way Vlad the Impaler executed tens of thousands come to mind. There's always burning at the stake or hanging so they strangle to death. Anyway you look at it, these sub-human darkies are our enemies and sooner or later they will commit enough outrages against us that whites are going to rise up and kill all of them out of revenge.

Anonymous said...

Niggers, all niggers, are a cancer upon society. They must be abolished, at any cost, before it's too late

upsguy1 said...

I won't go so far as calling them "nigger" or "ape" but I really believe the Founding Fathers were spot-on when they considered them three-fifths of a human.

Look at their low scholastic achievement and inability to survive in a First World economy without "public assistance", "hiring quotas", "affirmative action", specialized education etc. Then look at their criminality AND their willingness to excuse it and I think you'll see they really aren't at the level of Caucasians, and Orientals.

I think it's apparent.

Bantu Education said...

Racist black jurors - another of the litany of rationales and moral justifications for Apartheid.

Anonymous said...

I think the title misleading. While I completely agree that he should be tried and convicted of this disgusting crime,it comes across as subversive. Stand up for the truth, it's no less palatable.

Anonymous said...

Blacks on juries who will not vote to convict a criminal because he is black and has committed a crime against a white and there is over whelming evidence that the black did the crime the jurors should themselves be prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

The term racist is simply a code word for white people, equivelent to honky or whitey.

Anonymous said...

Negroes can't handle living in any advanced Western society. Our institutions, like our justice system, were created for intelligent, civilized Christians. To Negroes prison is a vacation were they get three hots and a cot, free medical, free cable TV and all the down low sex and drugs they want.Its a lot easier than having to earn a living.Negroes should be sent back to the jungle were they belong but the WallSt./City of London Banksters foist them upon us to weaken our ability to resist their looting and tyrannical rule.

Anonymous said...

So, does the prison he's being held in have any white folks willing to ensure justice is done - or is that piece of shit kept out of general population?

Anonymous said...

When blacks (hey, they call us "whites" so no apologies or mea culpa's coming from me) are actually treated as "equals" & are held to the same standards as those they claim are "racist" or against them, they still demand more & society bends backwards to please them. This was undoubtedly a "hate crime" & just as the many other crimes committed by blacks against whites or Asians, it is swept under the rug & not prosecuted as such. It's obvious that all too many of them refuse to be held to the same standards & expect preferential treatment, so I say it's high time to start redacting some of the laws put into place to give them an upper hand & help to thumb their noses at society.

F_U_TOO said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I mean you could not ask for a better example of people not willing to take their own bitter pill. You people have beaten Black people the ground since our inception. Please white "people" don't let your selective memories fail you now. Do you remember in the south when crackas would be put on trial for killing a Black person? It was a joke and mere formality to have put you beast on trial. You "people" have terrorized Black people in this country and even made a sport out of it. You have murdered innocent people, pulling them out of jails and hanging them. You bombed churches full of people, you kept people from just living in peace. You people are the animals and everyone is at your mercy. You are a muderous virus and the most dangerous collection on this planet. I rejoyous when a Black person skates for killing one of you. If one Black person in this country killed one white person everyday for one year, we would still not be near close to you genocidal people. I see Black people killing you monsters dozens at a time, with no remorse or care. You are brutal people who only understand one thing. Now that the chickens have come home roost, you want justice. All of you need your filthy mouths washed out with buckshot.

Anonymous said...

When we South Africans told the world of the savagery...what boycotted us due to Apartheid (separatism) please do feel the wrath of the noble savage beast as we are currently been slaughtered & eliminated in our country of birth...children been shot execution style…old people been tortured, woman’s bowls been slashed away…. So please do consider to paint the ANC government with the same brush as you did us in the 80’s. USA are directly responsible for our genocide. Here is the links if you don’t believe me… …..

Anonymous said...

F U TOO: Before you open your mouth further, please allow me a small history lesson. The word slave is derived from the word Slavic meaning the Slavic peoples. Don't look now, that means there were slaves before blacks.
Domestic slavery was common in Africa and well before European slave buyers arrived, there was trading in humans
Most slaves sold by Africans
The vast majority of slaves taken out of Africa were sold by African rulers, traders and a military aristocracy who all grew wealthy from the business.

The fact is large numbers of free Negroes owned black slaves; in fact, in numbers disproportionate to their representation in society at large

White Slavery, what the Scots already know
Whites were sold on the same block as blacks in MD.

It's much easier to blame whites for everything rather than investigate. But to be happy at murders? Perhaps this small lesson will help you formulate a different opinion although I won't hold my breath. It will probably just make you angrier but it's still true.

F_U_TOO said...

@anonymous I couldn't careless about your bs euro history lesson. I have my own history so you can save it.

Did you read my comment? Cause your reply had nothing to do with my comment. Well, all that I cared to read. And stop with slavery shit, I'm talking recent history when you animals showed yourselves for who you were.

My grandfather who grow up in rural S.C. and came through the worst you cracka had to give him and still managed to raise 11 children. He told me something things
about you people before he died. He said and these are his words, " he said never trust a cracka, never grin with a cracka and never let a cracka pat you on the back. Words I live by.

Anonymous said...

The weak whites are being killed off and assimilated. Not to worry. In the end we will have 10 or 20 or 30 million hard core whites and then we will show the world what we can do. They will wish they didn't kill off off the white idiots they could so easily manipulate against their own people - US

F_U_TOO said...

10, 20, 30 million white people?? It'll never happen. Your race is in it's death throes and you people aren't having babies anymore. You are already far outnumber on this planet. But you do still hold all the power maybe there's hope for you. But....then again the powers that be don't give a damn about me or you. I wish you luck.

Justin said...

FU2, are you really saying that you would acquit a murderer and rapist, just because your granddaddy told you to hate crackas?

takezoposcop said...

F_U_TOO tells you all you need to know. Of course it was wrong to engage in the African slave trade and everything else afterward is the fruit of the poisinous tree, including leaving them alive in proximity of whites after whites had died to free them. Jim Crow was wrong and so was leaving them alive afterward.
Many wrongs along the way. But he does highlight an important point; if one does it they are all guilty and deserving of rape, death, and all the inhumanity that can be imagined. So game on I suppose. By the way, how are the blacks treated in Latin America? That is important to consider in the face of the changing demographics.

Justin said...

Well, fu2 is clearly one of those weird black trolls who follows the white racialist blogs, so he is hardly typical, but his attitude is probably more common than we expect, given that jury nullification is so common among blacks. More than we would be comfortable thinking about really really really do hate whites.

F_U_TOO said...

I'll tell you this, I am not a troll but a person who likes to keep abreast of what my enemy is talking about. I make it my duty to stay close to white thought, you could say I study you people to get clear understanding as to how you think. You talk a lot differently when you think no people of color are around. You also refuse to believe that you are a hateful people just for the sake of hate.

As for how Black people are treated in Latin Amerika, well we are hated the world over so no surprise. And yes game on, in fact, the game has been on for a very long time. We people of color have just realized it. Please don't take my words lightly, it is a large group of Black folk who will not lay down any further. This is not a threat but a warning. I don't wish to kill anyone but in return I don't wish to be killed. We cannot live together and we should have never even intergrated, it was death to Black people. But no more of white abuse. KNOW THIS TO THE DEEPEST PART OF YOUR BEING.

meathead320 said...

F_U_TOO, if ALL that you want is to live seperately in different lands, then that is a pure enough motivation for me to agree to it. Its those forcing my people and yours to share the same living space causing the problem.

Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for Everybody

Genocide by Assimilation

It is said that there is this RACE problem. They say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to "assimilate," i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I'm not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn't object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

unamusementpark said...

"Africans belong in Africa, not here and certainly not on juries."

Abraham Lincoln and I agree with you, Anonymous.

"I think this POS need to swing from a tree along with the nigger jurors."

And you as well.

"FU2, are you really saying that you would acquit a murderer and rapist, just because your granddaddy told you to hate crackas?"

Of course he would, and millions of other Negroes would too--for that reason, or some other flimsy excuse, or no reason at all. Are you having trouble believing it? Negroes don't hide their hatred of whites--they don't have to. They can flaunt it, and you're supposed to celebrate it. (Endless evidence available on request.)

Anonymous said...

Here in South Africa, we long ago stopped having jury trials. The judge gives the verdict, and he or she has to follow rules of evidence and give reasons for the decision.
I'm told one of the reasons was precisely the sort of problem you describe here - if a crime went across the colour-line, juries wouldn't convict if the accused was of their race.
(The change from a British-style jury system to a purely judge-based one has made many decades before the end of Apartheid, by the way.)

Anonymous said...

Look at what a black racist against whites is doing now; destroying an anti-rape movement:

Anonymous said...

I agree with FU2 that we all belong in the places where we belong and that means you too white people. This is not your native land. Your ancestors all came here by mistake and ever since claimed it to be their own treasure but in all reality,the only thing you have done is destroy the world by cutting down forrests and destroying lands. All you have done is caused destruction to this beautiful world. Mass production of pollution is your fault because it was your race that started this industrial revolution, soooo... thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

FU2, When was the last time your owner told you to clean the shit out of the barn? 200 years ago??!! I'm so tired of all you blacks yelling.. " BUT WE WERE SLAVES!!" yeah, 200 years ago.. GET OVER IT!

Anonymous said...

Very funny People... You all are very smart with your government sponsored educations and mistaken views on history :)

Anyway, just a little note on the topic... Of course dark skinned People have to protect their interests in a racist society. So, I applaud their efforts. However, when the evidence shows crimes of violence and imposition of will, then I think the protections that juries can provide should not be extended. I would be terrible frustrated to be on a jury trying to convict Vance and have my fellow black Citizens working against me.

I say black... not African, because as many of you seem to be ignorant of... not all black skinned people come from Africa. As Malcom X said, "Plymouth Rock landed on Us." Of course your schools wouldn't teach you this truth.

Personally, I am totally in love with and will defend any human being with wisdom and understand, whom is willing to put our collective interest over diabolical non-humans. My european, asian, african, and all other brothers of another color, stand together and defend our interests on this planet. You think any race can survive without the others. We're in this together boys.

Love you... now quit B*** Sh**ing.

Anonymous said...

Australia used to have an "all white" policy, but liberal idiots played with that, now they're regretting it do to the Muslim influx. Society is only as good as those willing to support it. In America, our foundation has become weak do to the weak individual, black and white. Blacks complain about being treated unfair yet they uphold every stereotype said about them. They complain about being profiled by police when 80 percent of the crime is done by them. I live in an area with a lot of blacks. The ones actually from Africa, pull their own weight, are hard working, and don't live like pigs. The ones from here have a chip on their shoulder, find every public assistance angle available, seem to think that everywhere is their garbage dump, have no respect for police, authority, or anyone's personal property or liberty, and act like everyone else somehow enjoys what they have to say 3 blocks away. I wasn't racially pissed off before I moved here and actually saw first hand how they behave. Our social system supports that behavior of blacks as well as whites, Latinos, and anyone else who wants to jump on the social welfare bullshit. You take that behavior and add the inability to seek skilled higher education and we have what we have today, a country of do nothing retards holding their hands out. How long is this shit going to go on before the floor caves in? Maybe one of you masterminds have an answer, I think we're all pretty much fucked.

Nate Wright said...

I love this article and the back and forth opinions. Although the issue of racism will never go away, In fact we need it :-) negativity fuels the world and is the basic structure of humanity. Opposition: Black/White-left/right-in/out- up/down-north/south-east/west-heaven/hell-man/woman- It's the infrastructure of nature to oppose. But, I am tire of hearing the the complaints of Black about Slavery, we need to get over it! Whites, in a more recent time have by far inflicted more wrong doing on us then we have on them. But, Black folks we also inflict more wrong on our own race than any other race does. Intellectual racism is the new racism. It has long become the theory-"That fuck it! we wi11 just give them access to drugs, place a liquor store on each block within their communities, increase the aptitude test range. And cut the chains and they will be so fuckn happy that they will kill themselves off at alarming rates.!!! THAT PLAN WORKED AND IT'S STILL WORKING TODAY PERFECTLY! it was mentioned the jews were enslaved also, sure they were there isnt a race that hasn't at one point been enslaved-the diffence is-THEY ARE NOT STILL COMPLAINING ABOUT IT and using the welfare system as a supplement!!! Let's say that ASia is for Asians, Africa is for Africans, Europe is for Europeans, Mexico is for Mexicans etc.... the vision of "AMERICA" as it is described a"A MELTING POT" all races are to be able to live here and in doing so live without concern for diversity and racist Bullshit!! NO MATTER HOW YOU ARRIVE IN AMERICA, WHETHER IT BE BY BOAT, AIRPLANE, BACKSTROKE, BUTTERFLY, it doesnt matter once you got your ass here. WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WERE PRIOR TO YOUR TRIP!!!! SHED THAT SKIN BECAUSE UPON ARRIVAL YOUR ASS IS NOW AMERICAN!! NOT ASIAN, AFRICAN, FILLIPINO, MEXICAN, EUROPEAN, And there should be a time period upon arrival. the primary language spoke is English, and you have 1 fuckin year to learn it!! because why shouldI why the fuck do i need to press one. Hmmmmmm!