Friday, January 7, 2011

Official Generation X Slogan - I survived the Abortion Holocaust

We should print bumper stickers and t-shirts. "I survived the abortion holocaust" is especially appropriate for the lucky ones born in 1981. In that year, the ratio of live births to abortions reached its nadir, at less than 7:3. Yes, incredibly, in 1981, for every 7 born, 3 were aborted.

I once told my college students: "I don't know what your personal politics are, but when you get home tonight, thank your mother for being pro-life." The first time I said it, just ad-libbing to be amusing, I was taken aback by the stunned looks on the faces of some of the young women in class. I got the impression they had never quite personalized it that way. Maybe they were girls who had already had abortions, and suddenly realized they had snuffed out a little life that could have been their own. I don't know.

The ratio of 7 births to 3 abortions is surreal, almost unbelievable, but you can do the math for yourself. That ratio was fairly constant for almost 20 years. For about 2 decades, from the mid '70s to early '90s, the ratio of births to abortions hovered around 7:3 or 8:3. It truly boggles the mind.

In 1973, marking the beginning of legalized abortion for the whole nation (proclaimed so by the Supreme Court), the ratio was not even 4:1. Two years later, in 1975, it was already approaching 3:1. By 1976, it had shifted to 8:3. It would not shift back below 3:1 for over 30 more years, until 1999. An entire generation, the bulk of Generation X and the beginnings of the Millennials, absolutely decimated.

The absolute raw number of abortions didn't peak until 1990, at 1.6 million. For the latest year I could find data, 2005, the number of abortions is still above 1.2 million. But the total number of births is also up, so ratio is now over 10:3 (3.431 to 1). Still an astounding number.

I still remember when I found out about abortions. I was 10 years old, watching TV with mom, and something came on TV that I asked her about, and she explained it to me. I cried. Literally broke down in tears just hearing about it. She explained it in the best clinical language she could, and she herself was a loudly liberal, feminist, and pro-choice woman at the time (she refused abortions for herself, but supported it politically).

The horrible irony is, how many women's lives would have been saved, if they carried their baby to term rather than killing it? There are whole lot of young women out there, and I know a few of them myself, whose lives would have turned out infinitely better, had they allowed themselves to become mothers. My wife thinks there might be a causal connection there, that after their abortion, they were so emotionally and spiritual devastated, that they allowed themselves to slip into that nihilistic life of drugs, sex, crime, joblessness, homelessness, etc., that defines so many of our ruined young women today. For many young women, having a baby is the absolute best thing that could happen to them.

Pity the poor young women whose minds have been so warped that they think their eduction/career gives them a good reason to snuff out their baby's life. Lord, how sad. As we have been told: "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." It is a promise given to us: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you". Feminism is truly the trap of the anti-Christ.

Year -- births:aborts ratio
1973 -- 4.213
1974 -- 3.517
1975 -- 3.040
1976 -- 2.686
1977 -- 2.526
1978 -- 2.365
1979 -- 2.333
1980 -- 2.325
1981 -- 2.301
1982 -- 2.338
1983 -- 2.310
1984 -- 2.326
1985 -- 2.367
1986 -- 2.370
1987 -- 2.456
1988 -- 2.460
1989 -- 2.566
1990 -- 2.598
1991 -- 2.641
1992 -- 2.671
1993 -- 2.702
1994 -- 2.796
1995 -- 2.863
1996 -- 2.867
1997 -- 2.908
1998 -- 2.988
1999 -- 3.011
2000 -- 3.091
2001 -- 3.118
2002 -- 3.169
2003 -- 3.272
2004 -- 3.365
2005 -- 3.431
Calculated from:


Anonymous said...

Would you mind if I posted this at ?

Olive said...

I was 10 years old, watching TV with mom, and something came on TV that I asked her about, and she explained it to me. I cried. Literally broke down in tears just hearing about it.

Of course you cried. Any child would, when told the blunt truth. They see the world and the spirit of people through clear, innocent eyes, like the little boy in the story of the King's New Clothes.

Anonymous said...

I thought that table over, while doing some shopping in a village store, and visiting my "adoptive" grand-daughter.

I can see three reasons the ratio of live births to abortions is changing. I can't be sure if any of them are valid.

1. Perhaps the view of young women in our culture is changing. I really doubt this, but it has to be on the list.

2. With over 50 million abortions done by women who believe in abortion, the pro-abortion folks have become a smaller percentage of the total population. Some time ago, Rush Limbaugh did a piece on how abortion by the liberals was slowly and steadily turning the nation conservative. This is a distinct possibility.

3. I have read that native US citizens are only having around 1.6 babies per woman, well below replacement rate of 2.1, and only large numbers of babies by illegals keeps us at replacement. So, maybe that high reproduction by mostly Catholic illegals changes the ratio.

There are only brainstormed ideas, but it would be nice to know

Anonymous age 68

Justin said...

Yes, you may post it in the Spearhead, as long as a link is provided back to this website.

Anonymous said...

Great piece. It really got me thinking about abortion when I personalized it. I read your article at Spearhead and posted a comment there too. I'm in the process of creating my own blog and will probably post a link to this piece. Keep up the great work.

peternolan9 said...

Well said young man. Well said. My hat is off to you.

Anonymous said...

We really need to look behind the reason for abortion when it is couched in terms like "We weren't ready" or "We were too Young".

Of these thousands of abortions, how many were facilitated by feminism who belittles and criticizes the man? Did society just go along with this, giving little or no credit to the potential of the young Father?

Of course it did, for Marxist feminism has as one of its main goals the destruction of the family in order to instill a new Big Brother oversight of the proles.

So many potential young fathers were robbed of a future by the harridans and meddlers.

Justin said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone. last Anon, I really like your point. Abortion hurts men too, and has denied countless men the opportunity to be a father.

Justin said...

Anon68, I think those are all possibilities. One problem with the current stats is that they are kept only by the race of the mother. Up through the sixties, it was the race of the child, but then, for some reason, they changed. Who knows what the real birth rate is for White children? Oddly enough, we do know that Black women do get more abortions.

Anonymous said...

I originally saw your post on the spearhead, thanks for letting it be posted over there.

I was born in 1981 to a 19 year old single mother, your post really hit me. I've known for years that I could have easily been one of the ones aborted, even heard from quite a few people that kids like me should be aborted, but I never knew how many kids like me didn't make it to this world.

You wrote the best blog post I've read in a long time.

Justin said...

Higher praise could not be given. Thank you, my friend.

hailtoyou said...

"I don't know what your personal politics are, but when you get home tonight, thank your mother for being pro-life.

Well done. Truly an excellent line.

hailtoyou said...

Re Anon-#2,
"Why has abortion fallen so dramatically since the 1980s?"

Your post inspired me to speculate about why (in a post called "The Decline of Abortion"). One idea is that the AIDS scare increased use of contraception, but for a number of reasons I think that is a weak explanation.

CDC data tells us the abortion ratio fell most among whites. Only 14% of white pregnancies ended in abortion by 2002.

Justin said...

I agree, the AIDS explanation is severely lacking. I think it is mainly cultural, and partly genetic, as non-maternal women remove their genes from our gene pool, as well as their pro-abortion attitudes.

Most likely, their daughters would have had similar attitudes as them, but, well, they aborted those daughters. The field is thus shifted towards more women with strong maternal instincts and attitudes, as they are the ones actually having kids.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for this "holocaust" or we'd have even more population growth problems than we have right now. These UNWANTED "children" would have grown up in abusive households and turned out to be miserable humans. Get a grip - we can't afford to provide for all the folks we have already. You're suggesting that untold millions more births would have been a BETTER situation? Wow, just wow.